Finally a Clear Canvas


Let me start this story off from the beginning… I had always had great skin. When I started college, a random woman approached me and asked, “What do you use on your skin?” And I told her (which I could not tell you what it is today). She told me to keep doing what I was doing, because it worked.

It made me feel amazing! Until I didn’t feel amazing anymore.. I got off birth control, my skin went hay wire and thus the battle of clearing my facial skin began!

What didn’t work:

I tried honey, lemon, cinnamon goop. Baking soda-water paste. Then with lemon. Eating certain foods in my diet, and not eating certain foods. I researched and found new things on Pinterest everyday. I honestly thought the things I put on my face were ridiculous, but it’s what I tried because I wasn’t comfortable in my skin.

I tried an anti-cruelty treatment. Neutrogena. Biore. I settled for Clean & Clear cleanse and moisturizer, which worked okay, but I would still break out pretty regularly. My forehead and chin always had something!

What did work:

So…. I met a friend who sold Mary Kay. I bought small things from her, such as Mascara, eye liner, and eye colors. I always hesitated on trying new skin care because my skin despised it and threw a fit, every time. I was scared to take a chance because I had settled and didn’t want to have to try and get it semi-under control again. But…

I gave in and bought the travel sized ClearProof acne set to try it out without paying the full price. I only used it once a day and after a week my skin did a 360. It felt soft, not too dry, and not too oily. All the small pimples on my forehead went away that I could never get rid of, and the white heads and black went away, as well as any blemishes I had acquired previously.

It was still typical to get a little bit during “the time of the month.” Hormones are not something you can hide, but it was not as extreme. I might get one new spot on my face, which is much more do-able than a whole cheek or forehead.

Needless to say, I became a Mary Kay consultant after that! Only to discover that originally they never started off as selling make-up, but became a tremendously known business by selling skin care products, and then progressed into make-up. I now not only use ClearProof, but some other products to help with certain things like pores or scars.

The steps for ClearProof:

I did not realize how important order was to a skin routine than when I started using this kit. Mary Kay stresses using products in a specific order to target your needs appropriately.

  1. Cleanse: The cleanser does amazing job of clearing my pores and skin. I do this twice a day, morning and night.
  2. Tone: The toner helps with blemishes and also helps my skin from being to dry or too oily.
  3. Spot treatment: If I feel like there is anything that is going to “pop up” or instead of popping pimples or zits, I just use the spot treatment. My skin gets marked too easily and then I’m having to go days or weeks with a red mark. This spot treatment dries out whatever is going on and it goes away, scar free!
  4. Moisturize: Just a tiny bit of moisturizer helps my skin from being too oily or too dry.

This kit is good for all skin types, just adjust the amount of times you wash or how much product you use depending on your skin. My kit lasted my three months when I needed to get a cleanser and toner, and my moisturizer lasted me six, and I still have the same spot treatment!

What else do you know that hasn’t worked for you?

What has worked for you?



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