4 Simple Ways to Improve a Relationship


1. Talk

Asking about your partner’s day can be a great way to let them know you care! Ask them about their hopes and fears, why their day was rough, or how they’re feeling. Just be careful because sometimes we can be the ones talking to much, when sometimes we may just need to listen.

Talk about plans together, what to do over the weekend, and listen and ask about the things they enjoy. Just keep it positive. One rule we’ve set is no “shoulda, woulda, couldas.”

Talk about what will happen, what you want to achieve, and what next steps to take together, but don’t talk about things that should’ve happened, could’ve happened, and would’ve happened. Learn from it, talk about it, and move on. My favorite things is to just sit talk about plans, goals, and how happy we are and why.

2. Give

`Giving doesn’t need to be expensive. Don’t go all out and buy all this fancy stuff every week. Do simple things like write a note, go outside and pick a flower, share your favorite pillow, or send them a sweet text. Whatever you do, they will know you’re thinking about them because half the time, it’s the thought that counts.

The best time is when they least expect it!

3. Touch

`Tickles, massages, pats, hugs, holding hands, cuddling. The list goes on! Just be affectionate in ways that show you know they’re there. One of the things I love is my hair played with. Now my husband, he would love tickles and massages all day long if I would give them.

Acknowledge their presence anytime you’re around them!

4. Help

We can get so busy in our daily lives! Kids, house work, working, yard work, weekend business, grocery shopping… The list is never ending, and of course everyone has their own agenda.

I’m not sure about everyone else, but in my house we all have our own little things we like to do. My husband handles much of the maintenance and I tend handle much of the cleaning and organizing. Whatever the other person has going on, give them hand. I do work at home at times being a teacher and my husband has been awesome and helpful. I tried to help with water leaks, although half the time I just felt in the way! Working on vehicles as well, sometimes your loved one will just enjoy the company even if you feel like you’re not much help!

For me, coming home from a long day at work and seeing the dishes done (especially when I didn’t want to go home because I knew there were dishes in the sink!) was honestly the highlight of my day and I knew my hubby was thinking about me.

Read Getting the Guards Down for techniques on communication.


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