How to Begin a New Healthy Habit

We hear all the time about New Year’s Resolutions, getting healthy, going on a diet, exercising more.. And you also hear about how it doesn’t last long (as I’m sitting here writing this while eating ice-cream!) Have you started something and then stopped? Or did so much that you had a hard time keeping going?

Some people can handle it and stick to it easier than others, others struggle to stick to their diet or healthy change. There are also other factors, like some people don’t need to lose weight, they just need to be healthier or more fit. Others do need to lose weight or watch what they eat for health reasons.


Decide on your end goal

Do you want to be more tone? Do want to lose x-amount of weight? Do you want to lower cholesterol? Reduce headaches? Not be so tired all of the time? Have a healthier sleep schedule?

Anything you to do to better your body is a plus. I started off wanting to quit coffee, wine, bread, pasta, potatoes, and exercise each day. Mainly I felt groggy all the time, inactive, I was getting migraines everyday, my stomach was struggling to digest, and my clothes were beginning to not fit (and I had just bought them!) My main goal was to just feel less tired and have more consistent bowel movements.

Start off small

Sometimes making so many changes at once can cause a bad, tough experience, leading to it not lasting long. If you try to cut too much out at once, you’ll want to quit sooner. Or if you push yourself too hard in the beginning you will get tired and also want to stop.

Starting small means, only drinking one cup of coffee in the morning instead of a whole pot. Eliminated bread intake, pasta, or potatoes. Drink x amount of water each day to improve water intake. A friend I have started off with lemon water and lost 8 pounds right off the bat. When I decided to be healthier, I started with just eating breakfast every morning.

If you’re deciding on exercising, start with 20 minutes (or what works for you to start with) and lead up from there. I started with 26 minutes, and now am doing over an hour each night and I’m only on week four.

Progress slowly

As you work on eliminating something, eliminate a little more in x amount of time that you decide. I like to make leaps each week, so eliminate (or if exercising add more time) gradually. This helps you from being overwhelmed too much too soon.

Choose a time frame, maybe eliminating one thing from your diet every other week, or once a week. Or doing one extra push up each day. As long as you have a time frame, stick with it, if it’s too much, change it up. As time goes on, you’ll be able to make changes more frequently because even making small changes at a time can cause results to happen.

You’ll become more comfortable with changes as time goes on and it will get easier each time!

Make it a habit

You can create a habit within 2-3 weeks, as long as you do it everyday for 14-21 days straight. Once you skip a day, your days of creating a habit start over. But whatever change you’re going to make needs to be consistent, and then after the 2-3 week limit you will naturally begin to just do the things you wanted to change without hesitation. You’ve now created a habit without wearing yourself too thin and making it an exhausting experience!

But, don’t stop there, repeat the process for each new healthy habit you decide to have in your life. Just be gradual!

If you’re exercising I would suggest not going more than two days without exercising, you get out of your groove and then it’s harder to do your routine because you’ve been out of it for a minute.

Whatever you decide to do, you can do it!

What healthy habits are you trying to instill? How did you make it a habit?


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