So, Why Mindful?

As I try to get into the groove of becoming a blogger, I realize I need to take a step back and just think about what I’m doing! What is my purpose? I teach during the day full-time, I have plenty of work I need to do, I started on a healthy workout routine that I seem to have no time for anymore, and now I’m spending all my time doing all this “blogging stuff.”


When I had to think of a name for my blog, Still Mindful came to mind right off the get go and now I’m thinking, what was I thinking? So then I came to this conclusion…

Let me tell you what I realized. This school year for me has been a tough one. I went from teaching third grade to teaching fifth grade. All day everyday I take into consideration the feelings, needs, wants, motivation, struggles, sadness, happiness, and everything else of my students. My main job of teaching is to be mindful of every aspect of everyone of my students at all times. It’s exhausting, and this year has been quite frustrating.

Teachers get backlash, accused, disrespected, put down. It is so hard to be still so mindful, yet we do it anyway. We take all that and turn around the next day and rock the lessons away that we spend our time preparing. Are we superheros or what?!

So.. I realized this year, while I am so mindful of others like my students, coworkers, friends, and family, I need to be mindful of myself as well. I need to a stop kicking myself in the butt every time I make a mistake, stop judging how I look, and quit pitying myself. Instead I need to treat myself to a nice, cozy hot bath with a glass of wine just because I can. I need to take care of my health by exercising and eating better. I need to treat myself to make-up and primp once in a while. Life can get so hectic that I feel as though I get washed away in the waves of the world and forget to think about my own considerations. While I consider and mind others, I need to consider and mind myself as well!

And that goes for everyone! No matter how rough a day we have, no matter what mistakes we make, no matter how tired and exhausted we are, still be mindful to ourselves because we are worth it. 

We must always be mindful of ourselves AND of others..

The parents that have some serious opinions about me, deserve to be minded. The students that crack smart comments to get to me, deserve to be minded. The people on TV that call others racist, deserve to be minded. Anyone with an opinion different from your’s, deserves to be minded. Regardless of how angry, grief stricken, upsetting, someone makes us, they still deserve to be minded.

I hope that I can share what I know and what I think to spark mindfulness towards others and ourselves. Maybe think about how you’ve been doing lately. Are you mindful to others more than yourself, or are you more mindful to yourself than others? Or are you trying to make that effort to think about yourself and others equally?



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