An excerpt: What are your thoughts?

Friends! I have been thrilled to get back into the groove of writing again. When I was logo-preview-0d61f7ac-25ff-4f51-bde5-64f162479a34younger, that’s all I ever did. I even wrote Harry Potter fan fiction, eek! I still giggle at myself about that and I still haven’t told my husband about that either..

But, I did decided I wanted to pick up creative writing again. I love historical fiction, so I just decided to start writing this idea I had. It has three different different character perspectives, and this is only a part of one of them… 

The darkness seemed so daunting, I had Asher and Miriam following behind me as we kept to the trees and out of the streets. All I know is that we were told to go south as much as we can in order to be safe. The only problem, we were weak, hungry, sore, and tired. We also looked like we just came out of the ground. In a way it was good. The general wanted it to seem as though we were living like the other people in camps, but he was a good man and wanted to keep us safe.

“I need a break,” a breathless voice sounded behind me, it was Asher. I needed one too, but is there time to waste?

“Can you go just a bit further?” A female voice sounded. Oh, how thankful was I that I was not the only one wanting to keep going.

“I can try,” Asher responded with much effort. I had noticed his footsteps slowing down a while ago, I just didn’t want to stop. We couldn’t stop.

“We have a long ways to go,” I said, but stopped. There were branches breaking and talking in the trees.

I motioned to get down as I dropped to the ground and knelt behind a bush. We tried to listen again and heard indistinct talking, but the voices sounded small and girlish. The walking continued. It was slow and not too loud, almost like they too were trying to be careful.

“You know we can’t be out long, mama will be so upset. Also, going to the river? We will lose all of our free time, she will never trust us ever again,” one girl said with worry.

“Oh shoosh, Leah, she will never know as long as you keep quiet,” another girls said.

“Please help us!” Asher’s voice sounded who seemed once so breathless, now called out. I crawled to a better hiding spot wanting nothing to do with any of this, there was no way I would risk being seen. Who knows who is foe and who is friend?!

The girls jumped with a start and looked in the direction of Asher, squinting their eyes to see in the darkness. He was standing, one hand out to the girls, and one hand on his heart. He looked skeletal. I’m sure the girls were frightened.

“Are you from the KP camp?” The taller girl asked, looking less scared than the more petite girl beside her who was holding her arm, halfway hidden behind the brave girl. I assumed the smaller one was Leah, she looked like she would be a worrier.

“Yes, we have been following the river for quite some time. We need to go south.”

The tall girl nodded and looked at the other behind her. “Quickly, get home and warn mama. Don’t look too suspicious. We will be right behind you.” The young girl nodded and made her way back through the trees toward the town.

“No we can’t go towards town, we will get caught,” Miriam exclaimed shaking her head. The girl put her and up and shook her head.

“No don’t be scared, we can help you. We have helped many already,” she said smiling to reassure Asher and Miriam, who were now standing from their hiding spots, appearing hesitant. They looked in my direction and I knew they gave me away when the girl looked over at me from around the bush. I knew they were looking at me for guidance, but it was a little late now.

“So three of you? Any others?”

“No, just us… went this way.” Miriam said, her voice cracking. I knew she was thinking about her little sister and son, even though they had been gone quite some time. We had all lost family, and the scars are embedded. She had confided in me once that when she got out she would go find them. I wasn’t evil enough to break her heart with the truth.

“Okay, just follow me, but keep up and be quiet. Our house is about a ten minute walk from here. All the regular soldiers are out further west near the camp still, I think. I haven’t seen any this night, so we should be okay.”

She waved for us to follow. I reluctantly stood up, glaring at Asher. He shrugged and gave me a look that said, what else was I supposed to do? I just shook my head. Either she is honest and will help, or these may be the final ten minutes of our lives.

Please don’t forget to comment. I know it’s a short excerpt, but the more interest I get the more it will help me to keep going! I will try to get more as the story progresses.


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